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We are known for quickest response time for taxi request calls.

Our services include but not limited to business class transport services and economical class transport services. As we have a very large number of vehicles serving Auckland wide. You do not have to wait too long before we get to you. We are continuously growing and upgrading our number of environment friendly vehicles to meet the demand of our valuable customers.

Taxi Service Accounts

We also provide the option for you to open up an account with us. By becoming a registered customer of Reliable Cabs, You can enjoy the benefits of cheap fares and special promotions from time to time.

To open up an account with Reliable Cabs. Please click here and enter the registration details.

Mode of Payments

We accept different methods of payments such as Taxi Vouchers and all major credit cards, so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash with you while travelling in Reliable Taxis.

Maintaining standards of service.

We always try to be the most reliable source of transport for people of Auckland. To maintain our quality of standards we do regular checks on our vehicles and drivers to ensure the safety of our passengers. We also have a customer feedback and monitoring system installed, through which our customers can rate their experience with Reliable. So if you have something to say about your experience with Reliable you can click here and leave a comment.

If it is a matter of urgency, we assure you that it will be dealt with as soon as possible.

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